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Myanmar elections

Suu Kyi names presidential candidates

As expected, Myanmar's democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi on March 10 named her close aide and former driver, charity leader Htin Kyaw, as...
Myanmar’s new parliament to start sessions on February 1

Myanmar’s newly-elect parliament will convene on February 1, Shwe Mann, speaker of the House of Representatives, or lower house, said, ushering in a new...
Myanmar kyat drops further after election

Hopes that the Myanmar elections would prompt the country's currency to stabilise haven proven false. Although the kyat gradually strengthened for several weeks ahead...
Myanmar’s exorbitant property prices to stay until 2018

Sky-high property prices in Myanmar, which in the country’s commercial capital Yangon have reached or partly exceeded the level of New York, Tokyo or...
Myanmar to open stock exchange in December

The Yangon Stock Exchange (YSX) will begin trading in early December, Myanmar’s deputy finance minister Maung Maung Thein said on October 13. Initially slated to...
Myanmar releases final list of election candidates

A total of 6,074 qualified candidates will run in the upcoming November 8 general election in 1,171 constituencies nationwide in Myanmar, the country's Union...
Aung San Suu Kyi works towards alliance with Shwe Mann

Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi announced that she wants to form an alliance with Shwe Mann, the recently ousted chairman of the...
Tensions mount ahead of Myanmar elections after dismissal of ruling party chief

Myanmar's powerful ruling party chief and reformist Shwe Mann, who just a few weeks ago registered as candidate for the November 8 elections, has...