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Myanmar government

Myanmar allows maids to be sent to Hong Kong

The Myanmar government has allowed a Hong Kong agency to recruit Burmese people to work as domestic helpers in the city. The Golden Mind...
Myanmar mobile phone licenses still not issued

Telenor and Ooredoo, the two companies that won the bid for Myanmar's much-anticipated foreign-offered mobile telecommunications services, haven't yet been issued their formal licenses...
Ooredoo will need to proceed cautiously in Myanmar

The successful bid of Ooredoo (formerly Qatar Telecom) for a mobile phone licence in Myanmar was a great step forward towards closer business relations...
Myanmar opens restricted sites for tourists

Myanmar now allows tourists to visit formerly restricted sites such as Mogok city in Mandalay Region and Mrauk Oo in Rakhine State, although special...
Myanmar seeks to end corruption in its energy sector

Myanmar is expected to begin the process of joining the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) by the end of this year, according to The...
South Korean consortium firm to build new Myanmar airport

The Myanmar government has chosen Incheon International Airport Corp. as the preferred bidder for Myanmar’s new $1.1 billion Hanthawaddy International Airport, which is to...
Foreign investment in Myanmar at $810 million in Q1

Myanmar has received foreign direct investments of $810 million from 11 countries in the first quarter of 2013, Khin San Yi, Deputy Minister for...
Myanmar energy of top concern

September energy summit to connect investors
DuPont sets sight on Myanmar farming

US-based chemical company DuPont wants to enter the agricultural sector in Myanmar by assisting local farmers after it opens its office in the country...
Qatar pledges $15b for Myanmar license

Ooredoo, Qatar's national telecom company - formerly Qatar Telecom - said on June 5 that it would invest $15 billion in rolling out a...
Myanmar-US: Trade agreement signed

Myanmar President Thein Sein has ended his  landmark visit to Washington D.C. on May 21 by securing a trade agreement with the Obama administration...
Myanmar kyat weakening steadily

Myanmar's currency, the kyat, has been weakening steadily against the US dollar since the formerly tightly controlled exchange rate has been floated in April...
Vodafone, China Mobile eye Myanmar

Telecom giants Vodafone (UK) and China Mobile are among the 22 bidders for the license for Myanmar's first nationwide mobile phone network. The world's two...
Dawei project slimmed down by developer

The development of an industrial zone in Myanmar's southern town of Dawei has received new backing by master developer Italian-Thai Development (ITD), albeit at...
Myanmar allows private money changers

The Central Bank of Myanmar has allowed three private companies to open foreign exchange counters in the country in addition to those run by private banks in a move to boost inflow of foreign currency.
Next blow for Myanmar’s Dawei project

The huge project for an industrial zone plus sea port in Myanmar's southern region of Dawei has suffered another setback as the planned 110-kilometer...
Myanmar’s huge Dawei project falls asleep

The $10.8-billion industrial zone project plus deep-sea water port in Myanmar's southern town of Dawei has stalled because of financing uncertainties and a potential...
Myanmar gives clearer path to investors

The Myanmar government on January 31 released bylaws to its foreign investment law, clarifying specific conditions for the entry of foreign capital in various ...