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Myanmar government

Myanmar clears 60% of foreign debt

Myanmar on January 28 announced a deal with international lenders to cancel or refinance nearly $6 billion of its debt, almost 60 per cent...
37% jobless in Myanmar, study finds

In a first ever countrywide study the Myanmar government found that 37 per cent of the nation's population are unemployed and an average of...
Costs of Dawei project exploding

The huge industrial zone planned in Myanmar's southern district of Dawei are expected to be significantly higher than estimated two years ago and reach...
Myanmar seeks to solve housing shortage

The Myanmar government is seeking bids for several housing projects with up to 120,000 apartments in Yangon. The Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) has...
Monk Computer

California-based Intel Corp, the world’s largest semiconductor chip maker, announced on December 7 that it will be the first semiconductor manufacturer to provide technology...
Myanmar Sweepers

The continued dispute about the new Myanmar investment law is unsettling investors and has sparked concerns that foreign companies might reconsider entering the country...
Burma Tours Money

Myanmar, the secluded state in Southeast Asia, is showing first signs of easing its tight regulations for foreign investors in a bid to catch...