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Myanmar Investment

Myanmar’s new mining bill expected by March 2014

Myanmar's new mining law, designed to help clear the way for foreign investment in the country's huge minerals sector, could be enacted in March...
Myanmar industry and retail group seeks partners

Shwe Taung Group, a Myanmar conglomerate, said it is interested in partnering with investors from Thailand and other countries in particularly the steel, factory...

Investors, both foreign and domestic, can use a one-stop service center in Yangon as of April 10, according to the Myanmar Directorate of Investment...

The Central Bank of Myanmar has allowed three private companies to open foreign exchange counters in the country in addition to those run by private banks in a move to boost inflow of foreign currency.

Vietnamese companies are showing interest to be among the first movers in Myanmar after the country has issued its new foreign investment law. The Association...

Read the new Myanmar Foreign investment Law in its first unofficial English translation and check the pros and cons of investing in ASEAN's newly opened "goldmine" by weighing regulations and exemptions.

Myanmar's new investment law, eagerly awaited by companies ready to pour money into the newly opened economy, has still not been approved by the...