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National Security Council

New Thai election date set for July 20

Thailand's Election Commission and the prime minister agreed on April 30 to hold a general election on July 20, but anti-government protesters who disrupted...
ASEAN countries urge Thailand to solve political crisis

Member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) have called for democratic and negotiation-based solutions and a quick general election in Thailand,...
Philippines waives visa requirements for 7 more countries

The Philippines has granted a visa-free privilege lasting 30 days for nationals of seven more countries, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) announced on...
State of emergency announced in Bangkok

The Thai caretaker cabinet on January 21 announced the state of emergency for Bangkok and some parts of nearby provinces, which will come into...
Another bomb blast rocks Bangkok

At least 28 were injured by a bomb explosion at an anti-government protest site in central Bangkok on January 19 at around 1.30pm. According to...
Thailand: Truce for King’s birthday

The Thai government has negotiated a truce with protesters in the streets of the capital for the next several days to honor the December...