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Natural Disaster

Indonesia to open cases against Sime Darby firms

Indonesia said it will open criminal cases against 8 Malaysia-owned companies believed to be responsible for the disastrous forest fires in Sumatra that enveloped...
Indonesian president apologises for haze disaster

Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on June 25 apologised to Singapore and Malaysia for the hazardous smog that forest fires have blown over the...
Malaysian firms named to be behind Sumatra fires

Apart from Singapore-based companies that were allegedly responsible for some of the disastrous Sumatra forest fires that caused hazardous haze in Singapore and Peninsular...
Singapore haze hits worst level, could last for weeks

Air pollution in Singapore, caused by haze from forest fires in Sumatra, has hit its worst level on June 21, with the main index...
Jakarta residents up to the neck in water

Heavy seasonal rains have come down across the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, forcing more than 10,000 to flee their homes, with four reported deaths...
Taken by storm: The economic impact

Countries in the presumable or constant path of storms must develop infrastructure and contingency plans to alleviate the social and economic costs of the whims of the world’s weather, writes Justin Calderon.

Typhoon Pablo is forecast to make landfall over Surigao del Norte on the morning of December 4, bringing with it sustained winds of 185...

The Philippines ranks as the third most disaster-prone country in the world behind the Pacific islands of Tonga and Vanuatu because of its high...
Sukothai Floods

After heavy monsoon rainfall over the last week, Bangkok residents and businesses have become increasingly worried about another catastrophe resembling last year's flooding that...
Floods Manila Philippines

Monsoon season in Southeast Asia has ushered in devastating rains, halting business in Manila and affecting thousands in Georgetown, Penang. Major traffic arteries in Metro...