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Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam with highest consumer confidence in Southeast Asia

The Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam, just behind India, rank within the top four in the latest international consumer confidence survey compiled by US-based research...
No more fun in the Philippines?

The Philippine Department of Tourism (DOT) confirmed it will do away with the catchy It's More Fun in the Philippines slogan and launch a...
Philippine domestic tourism takes off, backed by growing middle class

Greater economic vitality in the Philippines has put more disposable income in the pockets of members of the middle class, who are increasingly discovering...
Survey: Asia-Pacific’s homegrown brands growing to regional giants

A new ranking by market researcher Nielsen and marketing network Campaign Asia Pacific, called Asia’s Top 1000 brands and released last week, gave insights...
Indonesian consumers among the world’s most optimistic

Indonesian consumers are still happy these days, particularly when compared to their neighbours. The country ranks as the most optimistic in Southeast Asia, according...
ASEAN consumers among world’s most confident

A recent report by consumer research firm Nielsen showed that people in ASEAN countries are among the world's most confident consumers due to dynamic...
Vietnam’s consumer goods market soars

The consumer goods market in Vietnam has developed into an attractive sector for international investors as it scored the highest growth rates in Asia...