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Singapore signs investment treaties with Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast

Trade ties between Singapore and Africa are growing. Singapore entered into a Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) with two African nations, Burkina Faso and Ivory...
Stolen Nigerian oil lands in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore

Significant amounts of crude oil stolen from Nigerian oil pipelines and terminal are reportedly partly sold to Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore in by organised...
Halal at its best: Islamic Miss World planned

The dispute over the Miss World 2012 beauty pageant currently held in Indonesia - the world's most populous Muslim country - and strongly rejected...
Indonesia and India named world’s biggest shark killers

In July, a European Union-sponsored study found that Indonesia and India kill the most sharks of all countries. The purpose of the study was...
Indonesia reports rising cases of piracy

Indonesia has experienced a more than 50 per cent surge in pirate attacks to 48 attacks occurred in the first half of 2013. Of...
High risk of terror in ASEAN: Crisis group

Thailand, the Philippines, Myanmar and Indonesia are ranked high on a new list compiled by Aon Crisis Management, a UK-based firm specialising in risk...
Malaysia tops Asia’s investment in Africa

Malaysia is ahead of China in foreign direct investments in Africa, new data published by the United Nations shows. A survey of foreign investment into...
Nigeria wants Indonesia to invest

Nigeria has expressed interest in Indonesian companies' investment and expertise to develop the African country's industrial parks with a focus on developing small and...
Saudi Aramco, Pertamina in $8b venture

Saudi Aramco Asia Company Limited, a subsidiary of Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia's national oil and gas company, has announced plans to set up an...
A look at North Africa: Algeria’s troubles

If investors weren’t already rattled enough by the prospects of dealing with Algeria’s red-taped system, it now seems that they will also have the added possibility of an Islamist militant resurgence on their minds.

Pakistan's president Asif Ali Zardari invited Indonesia to invest in his country's energy and agricultural sector during a meeting of the Developing Eight (D-8)...
Thailand Rice 605 X 328

Asian rice prices are on the rise due to lower supply from major exporting countries Thailand, India and Vietnam and large stock purchases by...