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Nong Khai

Thailand, Laos, China To Sign Pact On High-speed Railway

Thailand has agreed to sign a memorandum of cooperation with China and Laos for a rail link...
Works on Thai-Chinese high-speed rail to commence in 2019

The Thai government will begin construction of the first phase of the remaining three sections of the Thai-Chinese high-speed rail between Bangkok and Nakhon...
Thailand, Laos, China to enter talks about high-speed railway

Laos will be joining Thailand and China for talks about connecting the planned regional high-speed train network from Thailand’s northeastern city of Nong Khai...
Thailand-China high-speed train construction kicks off

After quite a long discussion about payments details and technical responsibilities, the construction of the Thai-Chinese high-speed railway line eventually got started. The line...
Thailand, China agree on $5.2-billion rail project

Thailand and China agreed a price of 179 billion baht ($5.2 billion) for the 250-kilometer-long first phase of a high-speed railway linking Thailand's Eastern...
Thai junta approves $23-billion high-speed rail projects

Thailand's ruling junta has approved a $23-billion transport project that will see two high-speed railways link up directly with China by 2021, in a...
Thailand worried over Laos railway delay

Delays on the Laos side of the China-ASEAN high-speed rail line have pressured the Thai government to take matters into their own hands. During a...