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Myanmar telecom bidding war heats up

The Myanmar telecom bidding war has entered its final moments with industry giants from Ireland, Malaysia, India, Norway and Singapore among the competitors scrambling...
Myanmar clears 60% of foreign debt

Myanmar on January 28 announced a deal with international lenders to cancel or refinance nearly $6 billion of its debt, almost 60 per cent...
Thailand tourism arrivals soaring

Tourism numbers in Thailand are projected to grow by another 10 per cent to 23 million in 2013, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)...
Kuching Sarawak

Malaysia's largest state, Sarawak, attracted the highest value of foreign direct investment of 3.75 billion ringgit ($1.23 billion) in Malaysia in the first eight...
Banana Plantation Mindanao

The recently signed peace deal in the Philippines' troubled southern Mindanao region has prompted a number of countries to step up their investment and...

A new report suggests that sovereign wealth funds are increasingly investing in smaller projects in developing nations, versus larger ones in North America and...