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nuclear energy

Russia, Myanmar intensify nuclear tech cooperation

Russia is deepening its reach into the nuclear sector in Southeast Asia with a tighter cooperation with Myanmar. It is seen the next step...
Cambodia to build its first nuclear power plant

Cambodia, with the help of Russia, will build its first nuclear power station in a bid to overcome its massive reliance on electricity from...
US firm to assist Vietnam in nuclear energy development

US-based nuclear fuel technology company Lightbridge Corporation announced on August 14 it will join hands with a Vietnamese nuclear safety agency to support Vietnam's...
Myanmar plans to build nuclear reactors for research purposes

Myanmar will build nuclear reactors for research purpose when the required infrastructure is in place, Myanmar Minister of Science and Technology Dr. Ko Ko...
Singapore steps up nuclear technology research

Singapore is beefing up its nuclear technology expertise with a new initiative, the 10-year Nuclear Safety Research and Education Programme, which was announced on...

The International Atomic Energy Agency foresees that ASEAN members could produce 2 gigawatts by employing nuclear energy by 2020. However, plans so far have been met with discomfort by the public.