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Nuclear technology

Myanmar plans to build nuclear reactors for research purposes

Myanmar will build nuclear reactors for research purpose when the required infrastructure is in place, Myanmar Minister of Science and Technology Dr. Ko Ko...
Singapore steps up nuclear technology research

Singapore is beefing up its nuclear technology expertise with a new initiative, the 10-year Nuclear Safety Research and Education Programme, which was announced on...
Vietnam rethinks nuclear power strategy

Vietnam will delay the construction of its first nuclear power plant by six years, state media reported on January 16, amid concerns over safety...
Vietnam pushes to build nuclear reactors

Vietnam, the country with the most ambitious nuclear power programme in Southeast Asia aiming to build no less than ten nuclear power plants by...

The International Atomic Energy Agency foresees that ASEAN members could produce 2 gigawatts by employing nuclear energy by 2020. However, plans so far have been met with discomfort by the public.