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Bubble tea connoisseurs in Southeast Asia spend $3.66 billion a year on the beverage and its many variants, a new study jointly conducted by...

A German startup company focusing on agricultural technology and indoor farming is nearing completion of a vertical mega-farm and research center in Singapore which...
The importance of producing MAMA noodles

Since 45 years, MAMA noodles are part of the daily diet in Thailand, and the brand is widely regarded as the queen of instant...
Cambodia stops shady breast milk export business by US firm

Cambodian authorities have stopped a Utah, US-based company with the peculiar name of Ambrosia Labs from selling human breast milk harvested from women in...
Malaysia remains fattest country in Southeast Asia

A new report once again put Malaysia at the top rank in Southeast Asia's obesity statistics. According to a report by UK-based poverty and...

Former Director-General of Health Malaysia, Tan Sri Ismail, gives advice
Malaysia, Thailand move closer in halal business

Boosting the synergy between Malaysia and Thailand in the halal industry was the mission of Malaysia's Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin on...

Last week a large group of activists and farmers in the Philippines raided a government facility and destroyed a 1000 square meter field of...

Sarawak, unfortunately, is part of the obesity rise in Malaysia, an epidemic that can have drastic economic implications on a country’s social sector, namely upped healthcare expenditures, as well as a drop in work productivity.
Thailand to battle obesity, starting with cops

Malaysia is the most obese nation in ASEAN. Hajah Fatimah Abdullah, Sarawak's Minister of Welfare, Women and Family Development, shares her views.

Malaysia is the fattest country in ASEAN with its obesity rate on the rise, Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said recently. According to...

Malaysia is the most obese nation in ASEAN and is witnessing a dramatic rise in other non-communicable diseases. Inside Investor ask an expert why.

The economic rise of Southeast Asia has given vast swathes of the developing world increased disposable income to dine out more frequently and experiment with new tastes, such as KFC and burgers, writes Justin Calderon.