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Taj Mahal

Malaysia is trying to attract more Indian companies to invest and expand in the country, positioning itself as a strategic location in the heart...
LNG Ship Qatargas

Thailand's oil and gas giant PTT Plc has signed an agreement with Qatar Liquefied Gas Ltd, or Qatargas, to buy liquefied natural gas (LNG)...
Image Gallery

If Malaysia can close their gender gap, economic momentum substantial enough to escape the middle-income trap would be feasible, the World Bank’s 2012 report...

Mashreq, a leading regional bank in the MENA region, is successfully operating a long-established branch network in Qatar to capitalise on the country’s rapid growth.

Thailand's largest petrochemical producer PTT Global Chemical Plc is reportedly in talks with Indonesia's oil and gas giant Pertamina to set up a $5...
Dung Quat Refinery

Thailand's oil and gas giant PTT has plans to build a massive refinery in central Vietnam at total project costs of $28.7 billion, according...
Thailand Chao Phraya River Bangkok

Thailand's capital, with its strategic location and its position as a regional financial hub, could surpass Singapore in becoming a new gateway for the...
LNG Vessel

Thailand's PTT has finally reached an agreement with Qatar to buy liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the world's largest supplier. The finalised deal follows months...
LrDoha Skyline Nice

On October 8th and 9th, Doha will be the stage of the Inside Investor Forum Asia 2012, a high-level business forum organised by international...
Clinton Arrival

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made short visits to Brunei and East Timor this week to hold talks on political and economic issues...
Oil And Gas

Total S.A., the French multinational oil and gas company, has taken a 40 per cent stake in an oil exploration field off the coast...
Rio KL

EBX Group, one of the largest industry conglomerates in Brazil, has committed itself to a $6 billion direct investment in Malaysia, the office of...
Jakarta Statue

A group of US companies will invest up to $5 billion over the coming two years into to manufacturing, infrastructure and energy projects in Indonesia,...
General Electric

Industry giant General Electric has become the first US firm to seal a deal with Myanmar after sanctions were lifted by US President Barack...
Awang Tengah Small

Resources, environment, public utilities and industrial development all fall under Second Minister YB Datuk Tengah Bin Ali Hasan's three ministries in Sarawak.

Maersk Oil and Qatar Petroleum, two oil and gas powerhouses, combine their expertise to industrialise a field others have deemed as an impossible commercial source.

Sarawak Energy Berhad, with Norwegian Torstein Dale Sjotveit at the helm, is poised to become a key player in the provision of hydro and coal power to satisfy the state’s never-ending need for cheap and efficient energy.

Only 20 years ago, a small percentage of Sarawak’s population had access to electricity. Now, with the state on the verge of an economic...