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oil and gas reserves

“Apple market cap touches $600 billion!” Is Brunei being left out?

“Apple market cap touches $600 billion!” news reported by the Wall Street Journal on April 10, 2012 speaks volumes about our national economic standing....
Indonesia, PNG join forces in oil & gas

Indonesia and Papua New Guinea are to set up joint operations to explore oil and gas reserves in border areas of New Guinea island. According...
Expanding ASEAN: Five candidates and their options

ASEAN is playing an increasingly important role as a growth engine for in regional trade and investment. It is no wonder that several neighbouring states are looking into the possibility of joining ASEAN as full-fledged members.
Banana Plantation Mindanao

The recently signed peace deal in the Philippines' troubled southern Mindanao region has prompted a number of countries to step up their investment and...

Tensions are again running high between Chinese and Vietnamese authorities, after a run-in between ships in disputed waters in the South China Sea.  Three...