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Indonesia partners with Iran to build $3b refinery

An Iranian oil firm and an Indonesian company are looking to build a refinery in the southeast Asian nation worth at least $3 billion....
Indonesia’s GDP to grow up to 6 per cent in 2014

Indonesia's Vice President Boediono has said he is optimistic that with better control of food-price inflation Indonesia's economy will grow by between 5 per...
ASEAN’s oil imports to more than double by 2035

Net oil imports to ASEAN countries will more than double by 2035, costing $240 billion at today's prices, to meet strong energy demand growth...
ASEAN’s oil bill to reach $240b by 2035: IEA

The thirst for oil in Southeast Asia will result in oil imports worth $240 billion annually by 2035, leaving nations exposed to price shocks,...
Indonesia posts biggest-ever trade deficit

Indonesia on September 2 unexpectedly reported a record trade deficit for July 2013 of $2,3 billion, up from $880 million in the previous month...
Indonesia unveals drastic measures to support rupiah

Indonesia said on August 23 it would curb imports of luxury cars and introduce other drastic steps to support its weakening currency and rein...