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Thailand’s main opposition party Pheu Thai has formed a political alliance what it called "democratic front" with...
Cambodia readies for July 29 general elections – 70,000 police deployed

Obviously not expecting a friction-free election on Cambodia’s polling day on Sunday, July 29, the government started to deploy an army of security forces...
Malaysia elections: Lower turnout, not enough voting stations

Malaysia’s 14th general elections ended at 5pm Malaysian time on May 9, with many voters complaining about logistical problems such as too few polling...
Cambodia garment makers get nervous over Hun Sen’s policies

The Cambodian textile and garment sector, the main pillar of the impoverished country’s export industry, starts feeling the heat of Prime Minister Hun Sen’s...
The Cambodia Daily shuts down after 24 years

September 4, 2017 will see the final edition of one of the few independent newspapers in Cambodia, The Cambodia Daily. The paper announced that...
Malaysia bans oversea travel for those who criticise government

A new law in Malaysia came into force that allows authorities to bar citizens who "insult," "discredit" or "ridicule" the government from traveling overseas, The...
MH370: Malaysia opposition leader hits out at gov’t

Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has accused the government of hiding information on missing flight MH370, telling Britain's Daily Telegraph that the country's radar...