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Slowing remittance growth from Filipino workers cause for concern

Slowing growth of remittances sent by Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) to their home country have alerted economists that there might be a sustained weakness...
Indonesia to impose ‘maids ban’ earlier than expected

Indonesia will prevent its female citizens from working as housemaids and domestic helpers in foreign countries earlier than widely expected, it emerged after a...
Philippines stops deployment of workers to Thailand

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) imposed a ban on January 27 on the deployment of newly hired Filipino workers to three places in...
Philippines launches survey on overseas workers

The Philippines has launched a survey on the number of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), a major contributor of the country's foreign exchange, a state...
Number of Filipino workers in Qatar decreasing

The number of  Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in Qatar has been decreasing since 2012, partly because of the Philippine government’s imposition of a $400...

The Philippines is increasingly dependent on its workers not only finding employment abroad, but also propping up the domestic economy. Philippines workers abroad –...
Singapore, China big burger business for Jollibee

Philippine food and beverage conglomerate Jollibee Food Corporation’s first Singapore outlet is turning out to be a cash cow. The store, which opened in...
Ten reasons the Philippines won’t shrug off its laggard label

It has been called the “new economic dragon,” a far cry from the hitherto ignominious reputation the country once commonly conjured up. Long one...
The Philippines’ “New Economy”

The Philippines used to be referred to as a basket case in Asia. Now it is more apparent that the Philippines is a market...
Philippine BPO industry to hit $25b

The Philippines’ business process outsourcing (BPO) industry is on target to hit $25 billion in annual gross revenue by 2016 after growing 20 per...
Taiwan, Philippine reconciliation looks dim

By Manila raising their adherence to the “one-China policy” to address what Taiwan is now calling the “murder” of a seaman, the Philippines has further ostrichised their previously amiable northern neighbour.
Saudi, Philippines sign worker agreement

A long-delayed agreement on Filipino household service workers in Saudi Arabia is due to be signed on May 19, granting the workers a minimum...
88,000 Filipinos asked to leave Taiwan

88,000 Overseas Filipino Workers in Taiwan have been asked to leave once their contracts end as part of the sanctions Taiwan has imposed on...
Philippines pressured to reintegrate OFWs

Singapore closing its borders for all but highly specialised expats and the ongoing euro crisis prompting many Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) to return home...
Looking East: Philippines appears on Qatar’s radar

Qatar in its drive to explore investment and co-operation opportunities in Southeast Asia has now moved closer to finalise a bilateral investment agreement with the Philippines at a value of around $1 billion.
The Philippines’ secret success: Exporting the tunes

They are part of the Overseas Filipino Workforce: Musicians who are swarming out to the world in thousands to find better paid jobs, or to find a job at all, by performing music in the clubs and bars of this world.
Philippines growing faster than expected

The Philippine economy is expected to grow by more than 6 per cent this year, which is above the country's earlier growth forecast of...
Filipino Dubai

Overseas Filipino workers (OFW) will get a monthly minimum wage of $400 in Dubai following a similar deal with Saudi Arabia, Arabian Business reported...