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Palestinian Territories

Tech start-ups in Gaza get support

Start-ups in Gaza now have the opportunity to get funding for their business ideas. Gaza Sky Geeks (GSG) is the strip’s first and only...
Silicon Valley accelerator Plug and Play to launch in Mideast

Plug and Play, a Silicon Valley-based accelerator that is invested in more than 300 companies globally, has tied up with Jordan-based telco Umniah to...
Palestine opens first tech park for start-ups

Leaders Organisation, a non-governmental group established to socially and economically empower Palestine youth, has launched "eZone", Palestine's first mini tech park. eZone will be...
Are hearts dead?

A conversation on Ethics in Business with Mukesh Kapila, humanitarian
Coke bottles sustainability with a lot of committments

One of the largest employers in the world, Coca-Cola, serves 300 million customers every day. Inside Investor asked Gürtay Kipcak, Director of Coca-Cola Eurasia and Africa Group, to explain the giant company’s goals for 2020.