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palm oil plantations

Indonesia seen as key market for business aviation in Asia

Business aircraft manufacturers are seeing Indonesia as the emerging country for business aviation in Asia. They believe that sales, albeit still relatively slow, are...
Forget Myanmar, Mindanao is the final frontier

Myanmar has hosted so many conferences, forums and summits thus far in 2013 that it’s starting to become nauseous from its newfound popularity. About twelve...
Sarawak, Brunei have their own haze problem

Overshadowed by the huge environmental disaster caused by Sumatra plantation fires over the past couple of days, the eastern part of Malaysia, as well...
Haze crisis: ‘Singapore behaves like a child’, says Jakarta

Severe haze from raging forest fires on Sumatra island have not only put smog levels in Singapore to hazardous all-time highs but now also...
Malaysia tops Asia’s investment in Africa

Malaysia is ahead of China in foreign direct investments in Africa, new data published by the United Nations shows. A survey of foreign investment into...
Permaju to secure giant Sabah landbank

Malaysian industry major Permaju Holding has entered the final stages of closing a land concession deal of some 809.37 hectares of timber in the...