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Malaysia lauded as Asia’s best retirement destination

Malaysia has been named the best destination to retire among Asian countries on the newly issued Retirement index 2018 list by International According to...
Qatar seeks property investment in the Americas

Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company said it will open a regional office in Washington DC later this year to pursue new strategic investments...
Malaysia is ASEAN’s retirement hot spot

International Living magazine has put together a list of top retirement destinations around the world based on several factors such as cost of living,...
Philippines blacklisted for handling aid

France has put the Philippines on a blacklist of countries that do not help investigate foreign aid fraud, according to a report published by...
New investment index sends confusing message

An newly published investment index by US media group and centrist think tank Foreign Policy, listing 102 countries globally for best returns, is based on a - to put it mildly - questionable and misleading methodology.