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Indonesia worried about low passport ranking, worse than Timor Leste

Indonesia is looking for reasons why the country is ranked relatively low in an new international survey.  The nation has been ranked 64th on...
Singapore takes over Germany as world’s most powerful passport

The Singapore passport has been ranked the "most powerful" in the world, according to the Global Passport Index by global advisory firm Arton Capital. The...
Singapore passport ranks best in Asia for visa-free travel

 Singapore's passport remains to be widely accepted globally, reaching its highest at rank 4 on this year's Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index against...
Vietnam refuses to stamp Chinese passports with controversial map

Vietnamese immigration officials are refusing to stamp new Chinese passports featuring the nine-dash line that represents China's claim on most of the South China...
Malaysia bans oversea travel for those who criticise government

A new law in Malaysia came into force that allows authorities to bar citizens who "insult," "discredit" or "ridicule" the government from traveling overseas, The...
Thailand changes tourist visa-exempt rules: 30 more days approved

Effective 29 August 2014, tourists from 49 countries who were permitted to enter Thailand for 30 days on what is called a "visa exempt"...