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Ford rolls into Myanmar’s car market

US carmaker Ford Motor Company announced on April 30 that it will start selling its car and truck lineup in Myanmar, joining a number...
Is Myanmar a business opportunity bonanza?

The opportunity for investors in Myanmar exists and a clearer picture of Myanmar’s course seems to pop out. Justin Calderon tries to capture the view of the new Myanmar from the right angle.
Myanmar Textile Factory

A Myanmar consumer goods company is planning a special industrial zone between Yangon and Bago to set up textile and garment factories, news portal...

Companies and investors from Singapore, mainly from the engineering, energy and banking sectors, are increasingly flocking to newly-opened Myanmar to tap into a vast...
Ho Chi Minh

Vietnam is increasingly becoming an investors' darling for large multinational companies. Among the latest multi-million dollar commitments are considerable investment projects by Coca Cola,...

Asked where they would currently see the biggest opportunities for profitable investments in ASEAN, Inside Investor readers voted equally for Myanmar and Indonesia as the countries where things are happening.

Digital advertising has, for the first time, outpaced print advertising in the United States, and it won’t be long before it is king of...