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Malaysia’s pump prices among lowest globally – thanks to subsidies

Malaysians enjoy some of the lowest petrol pump prices among the major world economies, according to a new study by UHY, the international accountancy...
Malaysia’s exports up 12.2% in January

Malaysia's exports rose 12.2 per cent to 63.97 billion ringgit ($19.68 billion) in January 2014 while imports rose 7.2 per cent to 57.62 billion...
Malaysia trade grows to $414 billion

Despite a tough external environment, Malaysia's trade last year expanded by 4.6 per cent to 1.36 trillion ringgit, or $414 billion, from 1.309 trillion...
Vietnam’s trade surplus with EU at $13.5 billion

Vietnam registered a trade surplus with the European Union of $13.5 billion out of a total bilateral trade of $19 billion in the past...
Philippines invites investors from Saudi Arabia

The Philippines has been encouraging Saudi businesses to invest in the country and attend or participate in major trade fairs and exhibitions in the...
Indonesia: Time over for cheap gasoline?

Pressure on state finances caused by huge spending on fuel subsidies has forced the government in Jakarta to announce a 45 per cent increase of petrol prices for later in 2013. A risky, but necessary move.
$4b refinery plant in Brunei approved

Chinese petrochemical company Zhejiang Hengyi has secured regulatory approval from China to build a planned $4.32 billion refinery complex in Brunei that will house...
Taj Mahal

Malaysia is trying to attract more Indian companies to invest and expand in the country, positioning itself as a strategic location in the heart...

Petronas, the state-run Malaysian petrochemical company, has announced Johor to be the site of their new $20 billion crude-oil refinery. The new complex will...

For the 161st month in a row, Malaysia’s exports and trade surplus has continued to grow in March.  Exports hit a record high of...