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Petronas Towers

Construction set to begin for world’s tallest twin tower in Phnom Penh

A Chinese construction consortium won a $2.7-billion contract to build a 133-story twin-tower commercial skyscraper in Phnom Penh which - at a height of...
Interview with Tun Mahatir Mohamad

"At times I feel to speak out", says Malaysia's ex-PM
Malaysia’s illegal immigrants: Assimilation, not elimination

Immigration is a hot topic in any country in the world and Southeast Asian countries are no different to the UK or the US...
Malaysia starts ‘flushing out’ illegal immigrants

Malaysia on September 1 launched a large-scale immigration operation to swiftly deport nearly half a million illegal foreign workers. It is the largest crackdown...

In ASEAN, a highly potent cocktail blending the benefits of export-led economies and under-the-table government support throughout the bloc has bred a nebulous class of tycoons that prefer to enjoy their prosperity in secret.