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Malaysia, Brunei to cut oil production

Malaysia's state-owned oil giant Petronas will cut oil production in 2017 to between 600,000 and 630,000 barrels per day (bpd), from the average of...
Oil glut: Malaysia’s Petronas to cut $11.4b in spending

Malaysia's state-owned oil giant Petronas says it will have to slash as much as $11.4 billion in capital and operating expenses over the next...
Survey: Asia-Pacific’s homegrown brands growing to regional giants

A new ranking by market researcher Nielsen and marketing network Campaign Asia Pacific, called Asia’s Top 1000 brands and released last week, gave insights...

Net oil exporter Malaysia and commodity-rich Indonesia are the two nations to suffer most from low oil prices, while Japan will likely have the...
Petronas profit surges 45% in fourth quarter

Malaysian oil giant Petronas said on March 4 its fourth quarter net profit jumped 45 per cent on strong production, making 2013 "one of...
Petronas pulls out of Vietnam

Malaysia's state-owned oil and gas giant Petroliam Nasional (Petronas) wants to sell its stakes in five offshore oilfields in Vietnam for a combined $300...
Bullish outlook for Malaysia’s oil & gas industry

Malaysia’s oil and gas industry will remain competitive with the country being a major regional player with a bullish outlook, the Malaysian Oil and...
Petronas reports gas find off Sarawak’s coast

Malaysia’s oil and gas giant Petronas has announced a natural gas discovery in Malaysia and an oil strike in an appraisal well in Indonesia,...
Malaysia, Brunei agree on oil cooperation

Malaysia and Brunei have inked historic deals to jointly drill for oil and gas in the resource-rich waters off the maritime border shared by...
Samsung wins $770 million deal in Malaysia

Samsung Engineering Co., one of South Korea's largest industrial plant builders, said on December 5 it has obtained a $770 million order for a...
Malaysia government to cash in $43b from Petronas

Malaysia’s national oil company Petronas is required by 2020 to deliver $43 billion of gross income to the state, a company executive has said....
Myanmar awards contracts for 16 onshore blocks

Italy's Eni, India's ONGC Videsh and Malaysia's Petronas were among the winners of contracts for 16 onshore energy blocks in Myanmar, an energy ministry...
Petronas exits Venezuela venture

Malaysia's oil giant Petronas is exiting one of the biggest petroleum projects in Venezuela's Orinoco belt after disagreements with Venezuela's state-run Petroleos de Venezuela...
Malaysian oil and gas sector to keep bullish trend

Supported by several government initiatives and significant private sector investments, Malaysia’s oil and gas sector registered a 3 per cent increase in volume in...
Malaysia stocks perform well after polls

Malaysian stocks continued to show a positive path after the May 5 elections in the past two weeks. Stocks rose strongly on fresh investor...
Malaysia set for new consumption tax

Now that general elections are over, the Malaysian government seems eager to move ahead with the long-delayed goods and service tax (GST) to replace...
Behind the curtain: ASEAN’s 4 most secretive tycoons

In ASEAN, a highly potent cocktail blending the benefits of export-led economies and under-the-table government support throughout the bloc has bred a nebulous class of tycoons that prefer to enjoy their prosperity in secret.
Philippines’ Petron provoking Petronas

Petron Corporation, the largest oil refining and marketing corporation in the Philippines, is teasing Malaysia's oil giant Petronas with a confusable rebranding of Malaysian gas stations it acquired from ExxonMobil in 2012.