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Pharmaceutical industry

Foreign firms see big potential in Vietnam's pharma industry Large Indian pharma enterprises are looking into the possibility...
Thailand legalises medical use of marijuana, a first in Southeast Asia

Thailand has become the first country in Southeast Asia to approve legal use of marijuana by amending the country’s drug law to allow the...
Myanmar pharma sector expected to grow 10-15%

Myanmar's pharmaceutical industry is expected to rev up 10-15 per cent a year thanks to the government's increasing spending on healthcare. The Myanmar Pharmaceutical and...
Vietnam, Philippines pharma market worth $8b each by 2020

The pharmaceutical markets in Vietnam and the Philippines are forecast to reach a value of $8 billion each by 2020, according to new studies...
Concerns about quality of young doctors in Malaysiavideo

Follow the panel of KPJ Healthcare's medical convention
Datin Paduka KPJ

There are many ethical questions that surround the medical industry. Firoz Abdul Hamid talked to KPJ's Datin Paduka about her views on ethics in medical practice.
Myanmar allows private pharma firms

The Myanmar Investment Commission has permitted joint investment for manufacturing of household medicines, drugs, pharmaceutical equipments and traditional medicines in the country for foreign...
4 Novartis Institute For Tropical Diseases Research Medium

Swiss drugmaker Novartis has announced that it will invest more than $500 million into a new biotechnology production site in Singapore. According to a company...