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Pheu Thai Party

Post-electoral Confusion In Thailand

The outcome of Thailand's first post-coup election was still unclear on March 26 with no party taking...
Thai Election: Pheu Thai Leads In Early Counts

Early counts in Thailand's first election since a 2014 coup, held on March 24, indicated populist-liberal Pheu...
Elections Kick Off In Thailand With High Long Lines At Voting Stations

Hundreds of thousands of voters across Thailand were heading out on March 17 to cast early ballots, a week ahead the country's first general...
Thailand lifts political campaign ban and sets election date for February 24

Thailand's military government has said political parties are free to start campaigning ahead of a long-awaited election scheduled for 24 February, 2019. The announcement...
Thai junta’s biggest task: Reviving the economy

Now that it has been announced by the Thai army leadership that democratic elections will not take place for at least another 15 months,...
Thai junta to ‘clean up’ boards of state-owned companies

A purge of several state enterprise boards is expected to be the next step the coup-makers take following massive transfers of senior state officials...
New clashes feared in Thailand after PM’s ouster

Thailand braces for fresh clashes after the Constitutional Court on May 7 ordered caretaker Prime Minister YIngluck Shinawatra and with her 9 ministers to...
ASEAN countries urge Thailand to solve political crisis

Member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) have called for democratic and negotiation-based solutions and a quick general election in Thailand,...
Yingluck promises rice payments ‘next week’

Long-overdue government subsidy payments to farmers under the rice-pledging scheme will begin next week, Thaialnd's caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra said on February 13,...
Thailand: More violence feared as farmers rally

Thailand's National Security Council (NSC) on February 9 warned of a possible escalation in violence as rice farmers link up with anti-government protesters to...
Yingluck to run in election again – baht declines

Despite massive protests against her, Thailand's caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has been named the No 1 party-list MP candidate of the ruling Pheu...
Thailand: The worst-case scenario is civil war

The continuing protests in Thailand which culminated on December 22 in a turnout of hundreds of thousands of people at various locations in Bangkok...
Thai street protests caused $2.2b in damage

The anti-government rallies in Thailand so far caused more than $2.2 billion in economic damage to the country, Pichai Naripthaphan, a member of the...
Pitsuwan tipped as Dem candidate in Thai election

Former ASEAN secretary-general and ex-Thai foreign minister Surin Pitsuwan is seen as a possible Democrat Party candidate for the snap elections on February 2,...
Thailand: Early elections to cost $1.2 billion

Thailand's Election Commission (EC) secretary-general Puchong Nutrawong said on December 10 that a budget of 38 billion baht (around $1.2 billion) will be allocated...
A nation’s inability to transform

Analysis: Thailand is overchallenged with socio-economic changes
Yingluck wants December be ‘month of happiness’

Embattled Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has voiced her relief over the easing of protests in the capital Bangkok, saying that she would like...
Thailand: Monk ready to be protest leader

A senior Thai monk, Luang Pu Buddha Isara, the abbot of Wat Or Noi in central Nakhon Pathom province, said he would take over...