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Philippine army

Islamic State radicals destroy and torch church in Mindanao (video)

Members of the Islamic State (IS) extremist group who are holding the southern Philippine city of Marawi on Mindanao under siege have begun destroying...
Philippine army receives $1.77-billion upgrade

The Philippine government is set to spend $1.77 billion for military modernisation projects by 2017 as the country faces a territorial dispute with China. Philippine...
Philippines gets new fighter jets amid South China Sea feud

The Philippines received the delivery of two fighter jets — the country's first supersonic combat aircraft in a decade — as it strengthens its...
Philippine government plans record defense spending amid China row

The Philippine government is proposing to spend a record 25 billion pesos ($552 million) in 2016 to purchase frigates, patrol planes and radars to...
Philippines to buy radar system from Israel

The Philippines hopes to complete this month negotiations for the acquisition of three Israeli-made aerial radars worth $60 million that will be used to...