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Philippine Chamber of Commerce

China wants more investments in the Philippines

The Chinese government wants to encourage investments and attract more tourists to come to the Philippines, even as both countries are involved in a...
Philippine clashes start to worry investors

Fierce fighting between government troops and Muslim rebels on the Philippine southern island of Mindanao that left at least 60 dead is increasingly worrying...
Philippines prepares for AEC integration

Two governmental agencies in the Philippines along with key members of the business community have created a public-private technical working group (TWG) to address...
Why do Japanese businesses love the Philippines?

Electricity costs are unreasonably high. Infrastructure is apocalyptical. Severe weather seasons and the country’s archipelagic nature make successfully navigating supply chains a case study...
Semiconductor investment to spark Philippine jobs

The most glaring chink in the Philippines’ economic armour, high unemployment is now being more concertedly addressed with the funneling of investment into the...

With remittances to the Philippines by overseas workers reaching $7.7 billion during the first four months of 2013, local officials have begun to stand...
Philippines needs to prepare for AEC

Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) criticised that the country might not be sufficiently prepared for the upcoming single market of the ASEAN...
Israel explores investment in Mindanao

An Israeli business delegation paid the Philippines a visit on February 20 to explore investment opportunities in Mindanao's western town of Zamboanga in technology,...
Metro Manila

The Philippines received a business delegation from Italy for the first time in 65 years from November 20 to 23. The mission comes during...