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Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs

More Bangkok flights axed due to unrest

As the unrest in Bangkok is carrying on, more flights to the Thai capital have been canceled as travelers increasingly shun the city now...
Visa-free entry to Myanmar for Filipinos

Starting January 4, 2014, Filipino nationals holding ordinary passports may now enter Myanmar without a visa and stay there for up to 14 days,...
Philippines removed from French tax blacklist

The Philippines has been removed from France's black list of tax evaders, according to a statement by the Philippine  Department of Foreign Affairs released...
Is there no salve that can apply to Sabah’s scars?

The intrusion of the Royal Army of Sulu in Sabah has instigated an unfortu­nate wave of ground-up acrimony in two prominent ASEAN nations - Malaysia and the Philippines, writes Justin Calderon.