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Philippine Economic Zone Authority

HOW TO: Setting up a business in the Philippines

Foreign businesses that are looking at opening a business in the Philippines must do their homework carefully and find a reliable source of information....
Investment pledges for Philippines climb 39%

Yet more indicators are flooding in that the Philippines is the world’s newest emerging market darling. For the first six months of 2013, committed investments...
True costs of electronics manufacturing

Interview with Dan Lachica, President of SEIPI, Philippines

A recent Investvine article on the Philippines as a manufacturing base actually brought back vivid Dickensian memories. I knew from past discussions with key government...

Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), responsible for the promotion of industrial zones in the country to investors, said it has registered an increase in...

The Asian Development Bank's Philippine country director, Neeraj Jain, explains how governance reforms have improved the nation's economy.

Strong monsoon rains that inundated over half of Manila on August 8 had no significant impact on the Philippine’s export industry, a statement released...