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Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co.

Philippines to get free WiFi at public places by 2016

The Philippine government is planning free WiFi services for nationwide coverage by end-2016, investing around $32 million a year. The service will be available...
Indonesian tycoon seeks to buy Philippine sugar companies

Indonesian billionaire Anthoni Salim’s First Pacific Co. is seeking to buy sugar companies in the Philippines to expand its footprint in Southeast Asia and...
Philippines: PLDT reveals the new Telpad

As people worldwide continue to adopt mobile telephony in droves and abandon landline services, landline companies are facing a choice: adapt or go extinct. The...
Philippine stock index crosses 7,400

The index at the Philippine Stock Index rose to a new record in May 15 intraday trading to over 7,400 points after relatively peaceful...
Indonesian tycoon ventures into ASEAN

Anthoni Salim, an Indonesian billionaire and president of the country's biggest conglomerate Salim Group, is eyeing investments throughout ASEAN via the Philippine-based operations of...