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Philippine Statistics Authority

Philippines Gdp Growth Slowest In Three Years

The Philippine economy grew 6.2 per cent in 2018, missing the government’s growth target as price increases slowed consumer spending as well as business...
Philippine population to hit 100 million

By the reckoning of a population expert, the Philippine population will hit 100 million this Sunday, July 27. The figure was based on population...
Philippines to consider more rice imports, ending subsidy

Philippine officials will meet next week to consider more rice imports and ending a subsidy for farmers to cut debt at the National Food...
China wants more investments in the Philippines

The Chinese government wants to encourage investments and attract more tourists to come to the Philippines, even as both countries are involved in a...
Philippine exports at 3-year high

Exports from the Philippines grew at their fastest pace in over 3 years in February 2014, thanks to increased shipments of 7 out of...
Philippine economy strongest since 1950s

The Philippines in the last quarter of 2013 capped its strongest two years of growth since the 1950s, when the country enjoyed a post-war...