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Phnom Penh Airport

Phnom Penh’s ‘new’ airport rail link: Travel in time

Phnom Penh's administration earlier this year proudly announced the opening of the city's first-ever airport railway link to make travel to and from the...
Chinese firm to build Phnom Penh airport skytrain

China Sky Railway Group, a privately owned Chinese company that builds light rail trains, has announced plans to operate a rail link spanning over...
Cambodia’s tourism steadily growing

Cambodia’s tourist arrivals registered a 4.7 per cent growth in March 2014, according to the country’s statistics and tourist Information Department. The country attracted...
Malaysian firm gets contract for Cambodia airport expansion

Muhibbah Engineering (M) Bhd and its joint venture partner has secured two contracts valued at $87 million to build and expand two airports in...

Data released by the Cambodian Ministry of Tourism on May 29 show an 18.3 per cent surge in tourism arrivals in march 2013 as...