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Phnom Penh International Airport

New Phnom Penh airport rail link opens

Cambodia’s capital has propelled itself in a new era of infrastructure by opening the first railway connection between Phnom Penh International Airport and downtown. The...
Porsche drives into Cambodia

German luxury sports car maker Porsche finally arrived in Cambodia by breaking ground to a $2 million dealership on March 17 that is set...
Cambodia to establish first civil aviation school

Cambodia plans to set up its first ever Civil Aviation Training Center with South Korean assistance in order to boost development of air transport...

Trade between Thailand and Cambodia rose 40 per cent during the first nine months of 2012 compared to the same period in 2011, figures...

Today the pulse of Cambodia’s capital follows the rhythm of construction mallets and whirring traffic. Offices, homes and shopping spaces are being erected across a city that hopes to detach itself from a gruesome past.