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Dili, the capital of the fifth-youngest nation on earth, East Timor, is an odd place within Southeast Asia for people used to the hustle...
Phnom Penh’s ‘new’ airport rail link: Travel in time

Phnom Penh's administration earlier this year proudly announced the opening of the city's first-ever airport railway link to make travel to and from the...
The world’s largest jade market: A photo tour

Mandalay in north-central Myanmar is the gateway to the country’s most precious (legal) commodity: Jade. And no wonder, Mandalay also hosts the world’s largest...
Ramadan’s over: A stroll through Brunei’s Gadong Night Market

Among the remarkably plentiful sights to see in Brunei is one place everybody who is interested in Asian food and/or authentic local markets shouid...
Bangkok: 150,000 march against government (photo update)

An estimated 150,000 people took to the streets on December 9 in the "final battle" against the Shinawatra government. The marches were so far...