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Political geography

Thailand slips 9 places in global rule-of-law ranking

Thailand's global ranking on administration by law has slipped nine places to 56 out 102 countries this year from 47th out of 99 countries...
Religious row fuels Sarawak-Malaysia separation talks

Discussion are heating up  on several social media channels set up by residents of Sarawak, as well as Sabah, over separation talks from the...
A push for tertiary education

Interview with Kolej IGS CEO Pg Hjh Fatimah Pg Setia Jaya Pg Hj Abd Momin
Are resources behind the Taiwan-Philippines spat?

The conflict between Taiwan and the Philippines over the death of a fisherman in resource-rich waters of the South China Sea seems to be deeply rooted in a continued quarrel about fish stocks in the region.

For a real estate developer such as Mohammad Alabbar, chairmain of Emaar, the Emirati company, there is no time to waste on such trivialities...

The Diamond Exchange of Singapore (DES) has been selected by the World Federation of Diamond Bourses to host the 2014 World Diamond Congress. While...

Iskander Malaysia has been undergoing a series of massive infrastructure, residential, and commercial construction, and has mixed results to boast of.  While the average...

During the Third Annual Swhengtee Property Talk (an international real estate investors conference) on Wednesday, investor Gavin Tee stated that Malaysian property offers great...

Sarawak state is set to host a new joint venture between Chinese and Malaysian investors.  An aluminum smelter plant will be built by the...

China and Malaysia have yet again partnered and strengthened economic ties.  Trade between the two countries has been growing at a rate of 20%...