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Population growth

Massive Yangon city expansion renders Naypyitaw pointless

Myanmar’s business capital of Yangon will see a massive expansion to accommodate its growing population and make the city more business-friendly and livable, the...
Philippine population to reach 107 million this year

The Filipino population will reach 107 million this year, which is up from the 100-million breakthrough back in July 2014 and up from 105.53...
Philippine population to hit 100 million

By the reckoning of a population expert, the Philippine population will hit 100 million this Sunday, July 27. The figure was based on population...
Malaysia’s population hits 30 million

The Malaysian Statistics Department said that Malaysia's population is hitting 30 million "this week", and the population has more than tripled since the department...
Indonesia’s population could reach 500 million by 2060

Indonesia’s fast-growing population could reach 500 million by 2060, according to the statistics bureau for East Java province, creating problems in education, employment and...

ASEAN's overall population is exploding. Whether this is good or bad is dependent on the country. While large populations can be viewed as adding...