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German sports car maker Porsche on March 28 officially inaugurated its first manufacturing site outside Europe in Kulim district in Malaysia’s northern Kedah state...

German carmaker Porsche decided to set up an assembly plant in Malaysia to locally produce its cars, in a first to move parts of...

Germany’s sports car maker Porsche is reportedly setting up an assembly plant in Malaysia as its first...
Volkswagen plans to build factory in Thailand

German car manufacturer Volkswagen (VW) is seeking to participate in a government programme offering tax exemptions for automakers investing at least $200 million in...
Porsche drives into Cambodia

German luxury sports car maker Porsche finally arrived in Cambodia by breaking ground to a $2 million dealership on March 17 that is set...
Audi drives into Cambodia

German luxury car manufacturer Audi has expanded into Cambodia, joining the recent entry of higher-end automobile producers into a small but growing market, the...

The Gulf states, especially Qatar, find a promising area for investment in ASEAN in the tourism sector, as a number of ventures by Qatari investment institutions have shown in the recent past.