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Arab development fund targets the Philippines

The Arab Gulf Programme for Development (AGFUND) has decided to expand its programme to Southeast Asia and will launch first activities in the Philippines...
Singapore’s increasing struggle with poverty

The growing presence of poor people in the wealthy city state is becoming more and more obvious despite begging carries heavy fines or even...
Philippines poorest among ASEAN-5

The Philippines is now the fastest-growing member of ASEAN, but it remains the poorest among the five major economies in the group, the...
Poverty in Laos on the decline, says government

The number of districts in Laos which are officially classified as poor has fallen to 37 this year, out of a total of 145...
Microcredits in Thailand can cost up to 33%

Microfinance lenders in Thailand may be allowed to charge interest at up to 33 per cent a year, as such rates are still "far...
Myanmar’s number of super-rich to grow 7-fold

The number of Myanmar's super-wealthy is expected to grow by 687 per cent in 10 years from currently 40 people that own assets of...
Myanmar microfinance at 30% interest rate

A new private bank in Myanmar, Myanmar Microfinance Bank, is currently awaiting the central bank's approval to commence operations. The bank will provide microfinance loans...
The ‘Accidental President’ delivers his State of the Nation address

Four days ago we published an article detailing what we thought Philippine President Benigno Aquino III (known as PNoy) should address in his State...
Study: 35% of rural Myanmar people rely on loans

A joint research by Michigan State University and the Myanmar Development Resource Institute found that 35 per cent of rural people in Myanmar need...
DuPont sets sight on Myanmar farming

US-based chemical company DuPont wants to enter the agricultural sector in Myanmar by assisting local farmers after it opens its office in the country...
Microfinance as key poverty eradication strategy for Myanmar

Myanmar’s president Thein Sein has identified microfinance to tackle extreme poverty in the country. However, the country has still a long way to go to establish the necessary structures.
82% of Asia shows rising wealth divide

Asia is losing its grip in the battle against income inequality, with 11 of 28 Asian countries – representing 82 per cent of the region’s population – showing a widening wealth gap, the Asian Development Bank has noted.
OECD takes Philippine hype down a peg

The Paris-based Organisation of Economic Cooperation and the Development, a rich club of nations, has reported that the Philippines – despite its unexpectedly high...
37% jobless in Myanmar, study finds

In a first ever countrywide study the Myanmar government found that 37 per cent of the nation's population are unemployed and an average of...

The World Bank in its latest "Food Price Watch" report released on November 29 said that a "new norm" of costlier food was setting...

The Philippines has been ranked fourth in the global microfinance industry in a poll conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) that included 55...
Myanmar Market

A German micro finance institution, Sparkassenstiftung für internationale Kooperation (Savings Bank Foundation for International Development, or SBFIC) will commence operations in Myanmar by the...

According to the latest data released by the World Bank, more people than ever have dipped below the international poverty line, due in large...