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Indonesia invites China to take part in multi-billion infrastructure projects

While Malaysia just has expressed unease about alleged infavourable repercussions of Chinese investments in construction and infrastructure in the country, Indonesia is fully optimistic...
Laos received close to $4 billion in foreign investment this year

Lao Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith recently told the ongoing National Assembly meeting that there has been good progress in investments in Laos, with 4,118...
China to pump billions into Indonesia under New Silk Road initiative

Indonesia and China on April 13 in Beijing signed five cooperation contracts worth $23.3 billion under the latter's Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st...
Philippines seeks $135 billion in power investments

The Philippines is seeking investment from China and Japan for $135 billion worth of power projects that President Rodrigo Duterte’s government is ready to...
US power firm AES plans to invest up to $2b in Philippines

American power firm AES Corp said on June 4 it is planning to invest up to $2 billion to expand its coal-fired power plant...
Yangon Power Cables

Electricity-starved Myanmar wants to beef up its dilapidated power grid with investments of $26 billion over the next decade, local media reported. The country currently...