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Thailand: Floods return to industrial estates

Floods after a heavier-than-usual monsoon season have flooded 22 provinces in Thailand and caused evacuations in nine, affecting 600,000 people and killing four so...
Thailand expects investment applications worth 1 trillion baht

Investment applications to Thailand's Board of Investment (BOI) in 2013 would be at least 1 trillion baht ($32 billion), up from the previous target...
Thailand moves 2013 growth to 4.9%

Thailand’s economy is expected to expand by 4.9 per cent in 2013, according to the Bank of Thailand (BOT), surpassing earlier estimates. The BOT has...
Thai investment bids reach record high

Applications for investment incentives in Thailand have reached a record level of nearly $48 billion in 2012, the country's Industry Ministry announced on January...
Thailand investment projects top $33b

Applications for investment projects at Thailand's Board of Investment in 2012 totalled 1.127 trillion baht ($33.5 billion), the highest ever, the country's industry minister...