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presidential elections

Philippine stocks dropped to a new nine-month low on May 10, the day after Ferdinand Marcos Jr., son of late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, won...

It is very easy to bash President Aquino (PNoY) now given the surprising rise of a solid protest vote in the May 9 Philippine...
Final countdown for Philippine presidential election

A presidential election campaign in the Philippines accompanied by tough talk, embarrassing public statements, a massive data breach into voter databases, tricky decisions by...
Promised 6-7%-growth in Indonesia looks distant

Investors should be careful assessing the GDP growth rates in Southeast Asia's largest economy, analysts say, as it is likely to underperform for some...

Pressure on state finances caused by huge spending on fuel subsidies has forced the government in Jakarta to announce a 45 per cent increase of petrol prices for later in 2013. A risky, but necessary move.