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Public economics

Malaysia “running out of tools to tackle a financial crisis”

Malaysia does not have the option of using fiscal instruments to face any future financial crisis, mainly due to its high debt and continuous...
Malaysia’s pump prices among lowest globally – thanks to subsidies

Malaysians enjoy some of the lowest petrol pump prices among the major world economies, according to a new study by UHY, the international accountancy...
Vietnam’s public debt may rise to nearly 100% of GDP

Experts once again warned about the financial security of Vietnam after the recent massive issuance of bonds. Speaking at the Spring Economic Forum which...
Myanmar warned of rising debt and inflation

Economists forecast that Myanmar will face possible long term debts along with high inflation in the next three years due to an annual budget...
Laos government to cut ‘lavish spending’

The government of Laos has instructed state agencies to formulate comprehensive belt-tightening measures against “lavish” practices to in a move to cut public spending,...
Vietnam government struggles with overspending

Vietnam's Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung told a National Assembly session opening on October 21 that state budget overspending this year would likely be...