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Public housing

Saudi Arabia launches new housing scheme

Saudi Arabia’s government has launched a new scheme to provide housing aid to its citizens, in the hope of ending a shortage of homes...
Malaysia spent $1.7b on affordable housing

The Malaysian government has spent $1.7 billion to build affordable homes for the people since the Eighth Malaysia Plan (from 2001), said Deputy Prime...
Rents for premium property up in Oman

Rents for new and modern quality residential buildings are likely to edge up in Muscat, thanks to an increasing demand for such accommodations driven...

Morocco as launched its long-awaited middle class housing plan, an initiative through which some 20,000 homes will be built by 2016, according to Housing...
Singapore’s problem with flying garbage

In yet another case of garbage thoughtlessly thrown out of apartment windows of Singapore's suburban high-rises, a heavy two-seater sofa falling from the fourth...