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Cambodia Air deal being finalised

Philippine Airlines (PAL) announced on February 12 that a deal with the Royal Group of Cambodia (RGC) to form Cambodia Airlines Co. Ltd was...
Investors seek majority stake in San Miguel brewery

San Miguel Corp. has reportedly been approached by investors who seek to buy its majority stake in the Philippines’ biggest brewer, San Miguel Brewery...
President Aquino an unlikely Esquire coverboy

As a Filipino, I never once envisioned PNoy, the nickname given to President Benigno Aquino III, on the cover of Esquire Philippines anymore than...
Emirates, ANA look into Philippine Airlines stake

Loss-making Philippine Airlines is on the outlook for partnerships and new investors after majority owner San Miguel Corporation said that it wants to reduce...

Nearing saturation on their domestic markets, Southeast  Asian beer brewers are now eyeing emerging nations such as Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia to satisfy the...