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Philippines welcomed 4.68m foreigners in 2013

Nearly 4.7 million foreigners visited the Philippines in 2013, according to a statement by the country's Department of Tourism (DOT) on February 13. The...
Tagaytay: Reaching the Philippines’ boiling point

“Balance, balance,” coached the jockey, all the while yelping her own coded commands at my sturdy blonde-haired mare. Somehow, until this day, I would...
Philippines: The 5 best beaches besides Boracay

It can be said, perhaps here more than anywhere, that “life is a beach.” The Philippines is blessed with some of the world’s most...
Aquino set for first Myanmar visit

Philippine President Benigno Aquino III is scheduled to make an historic visit to Myanmar on June 7, where a high-level delegation including senior executives...
Philippines eyes $2b from health tourism

The Philippines wants to position itself as an inexpensive medical tourism destination and has set the income target from this sector to $2 billion...
Philippine investors plow into San Vicente

The remote beachside municipality of San Vicente in northwestern Palawan, little known outside of the Philippines, is receiving a flood of domestic investors that...
Philippine tourism to create 3.6m jobs

The Philippine tourism industry is readied to become the muscle behind the country’s job generation machine, employing 7.4 million people by 2016, up from...