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real estate development

Qatar land prices rising too fast?

Real estate experts and economists are warning that rising land prices in Qatar, especially in Doha, could have a negative impact on real estate...
Japanese firm to design new landmark tower for Riyadh

A Japanese company is to design a multi-purpose tower for a local real estate company in the Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The agreement for the designing...
Six Flags theme park to open in Dubai in 2017

US-based Six Flags Entertainment Corp. said it’s partnering with Meraas Leisure and Entertainment, a Dubai-based real estate development company, to open a Six Flags-branded...
Indian conglomerate to invest $1.5b into Dubai property

India's diversified business conglomerate Ravi Pillai Group, owned by tycoon Ravi Pillai, plans to deploy $1.5 billion on real estate development in Dubai, the...
Financial expertise at work

Primeiro Partners' Stephen Sieh sheds light on the advisory business in SE Asia
Brunei can tap into regional investment opportunities

As the ASEAN region keeps growing and the attention of the global business community is turning eastwards, Brunei will start to play a more significant role in bilateral investments in the region.
Israel explores investment in Mindanao

An Israeli business delegation paid the Philippines a visit on February 20 to explore investment opportunities in Mindanao's western town of Zamboanga in technology,...
Myanmar to construct 1 million homes

Unmet demand for property in Myanmar has prompted the Burmese government to launch a plan to construct 1 million homes over the next 20...
Myanmar drafts 30-year development plan

The Myanmar government is currently setting up the National Development Plan, which covers the country's economic and social development over the next 30 years. The...
SEDC Chairman Yb Datuk Haji Talib Zulpilip Small1

The Sarawak Economic Development Corporation, or SEDC, is responsible for promoting commercial, industrial and socio-economic development in Sarawak, as well as the development of bumiputera in business.