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real estate projects

Vietnam urged to relax restrictions on foreign property investment

Singapore developers and investors are urging Vietnam to open up its real estate sector more to foreign investment, but there is still some resistance...
Saudi, UAE lead $1.5-trillion Middle East construction market

Some 60 per cent of the $2.5 trillion worth of projects in the Middle East and North Africa region are taking place in the...
Real estate prices heating up in Indonesia

Rising property prices in Indonesia are starting to cause concern whether the sector is starting to heat up to an extent that might cause...
Vietnam’s Vingroup secures international loan

Vietnam's Vingroup Joint Stock Company, a Hanoi-based real estate and tourism conglomerate, announced on October 9 that it has completed the negotiation and signing...

Bilateral trade between the UAE and Indonesia increased by 26.4 per cent in 2011, while investment commitment has multipled to more then $11 billion...